Spousal Support Lawyer Staten Island

In the legal field, spousal support means alimony, in which one provides financial support to their spouse before or after a divorce or separation. It is often by agreement, and chances are you need a spousal support lawyer in Staten Island.

The most crucial aspect to note is that spousal support is different from the division of marital property. Also, please note that it is different from child support, and many factors determine how much a person receives as spousal support.

There are different types of spousal support, and it will be best to work with an experienced attorney specializing in family law. The different types of spousal support include:

  • Short term or temporary support
  • Reimbursement support
  • Rehabilitative support
  • Long-term or permanent support

The reason for this kind of support is to help the dependent spouse get back on their feet. The duration of this support is dependent on the type of spousal support. By working with an experienced spousal support lawyer on Staten Island, you will have a better chance of understanding your case.

How does a divorce lawyer help?

  1. When you work with an incredible divorce attorney, they will ensure you know rights and entitlements. By learning, you’ll act better and effect a better outcome. 
  2. Not only that, your lawyer will help to account for marital assets and help prepare a compelling presentation. Furthermore, your lawyer will help to collect records, prepare a detailed list of assets and liabilities each spouse owns.
  3. Due to your lousy negotiation skill, your lawyer is ready to negotiate on your behalf and help reach an amicable conclusion without having to delay the process. 
  4. Your lawyer will also help prepare the papers, and they know which documents will be effective and the ideal way to present them.
  5. Your lawyer also helps in debt repayment, especially if there was a joint loan. Since your lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legal system, they will protect you from debt.

Before you commence the spousal support process, hiring a lawyer with extensive experience in family law should be a top priority. Their sound legal advice, experience, and representation are what will tilt your case in your favor. 

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