The Timing of the Prenup: Effective Discussions for a Lasting Agreement

The Timing of the Prenup: Effective Discussions for a Lasting Agreement

Planning a prenuptial agreement with your new or intending spouse? We get it; deciding on what time is best to bring up prenuptial discussions is one question often asked by people in a relationship. While this is important in setting certain rights and obligations in the event of a divorce, the timing has to be right! With that said, here are effective discussions to spun a lasting prenuptial agreement;

Timing is key!

Whether or not you intend to introduce the idea of a Prenup which you should! It is advisable to have these discussions at the early stages of the relationship. To further add to this, you should consider having prenuptial discussions at a point where neither of you is in a rush to take drastic and unthoughtful decisions.

Orchestrate the whole conversion in your mind

Being overly prepared for a prenuptial discussion is never harmful. Before the discussion, you want to make sure you have thought of it over and over again. This should help you carefully analyze your reasons for the agreement before the discussion.

  1. State your goals in a precise and logical manner

Before discussing with your spouse, you should set out your goals and why you want a Prenup. Your goals should be thoughtfully precise and logical in the setting. You don’t want it to seem like a death sentence, do you? You can also seek experienced hands to aid in the drafting process and remember to affix relevant points in an orderly and precise fashion.

  1. Put yourself in their shoes.

While you may have a thousand reasons for a prenup, you should consider what your spouse should feel like if they were faced with the same discussion. By living their thoughts and concerns, you should render partial and beneficial reasons you want to have a Prenup.

  1. Discuss your finance

Before you go ahead and tender a prenuptial document for discussion, you should, first of all, clear the air on your assets, income, spending habits, debts, and any other financial information worth sharing. That goes ahead to build trust and a long-lasting prenuptial agreement.


  1. Let the discussion take its due course.

While having prenuptial discussions, you may find some points becoming irrelevant and unnecessary. When this happens, accept it for what it is and let the discussion take its course.

Prenuptial agreements are paramount in relationships as they stand as your last line of defense in the event of a divorce. 

Having early prenuptial discussions is key to a long-lasting prenuptial agreement. If you feel the need for a Prenup, you can go ahead and hire our expert attorneys who are well versed in professional prenuptial agreements and documentation. Go ahead and give us a call 718-477-0020 or fill out our contact form.