Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modification Lawyer Staten Island

A variety of reasons can compel you to seek a child support modification lawyer in Staten Island, like a gross decrease in income. If you had suffered an involuntary 15% decrease in revenue, it’s advisable to seek child support modification as soon as possible.

By default, either parents of the child can seek modification every three years. If any of the parent’s revenue changes by 15%, that qualifies for child support modification. If you can also prove that the agreement was unfair when made, that is a tangible reason to seek a Staten Island child support modification lawyer.

The process of child support modification

Stability is not always the case, as certain circumstances can trigger the need for a child support modification. In some situations, these incidents could make child support payment problematic if either parent files for a child support modification. Some of the reasons found valid in court includes:

  • The parents paying child support lost their job or perhaps got demoted, making it hard to pay the agreed child support.
  • A change in the schedule of either parent, where the non-custodial parent has the child more frequently, can lead to a modification.
  • A change in the needs of the child can qualify for a child support modification.

If both parents agree to seek a modification, it becomes a smoother experience. It can only be possible if you maintain a positive relationship with your co-parent.  But if there is a dent in the relationship, it makes the process harder. 

If you’re not in agreement with your co-parent, you might need to consider hiring a family lawyer. Remember that family cases like this can be emotionally draining. It would be best if you had someone experienced to guide you every step of the way.

Do I Need A Child Support Modification Lawyer?

The answer to this question is often a bit nuanced. Still, it will be helpful if an experienced family law attorney helps with your child support modification. Having such a legal representation will, no doubt, improve your outcome. However, it is paramount you work with a licensed and experienced lawyer on Staten Island.

Our attorneys are well versed in petitioning the court for a child support modification. By having legal aid, you’re improving your outcome and protecting the best interest of your child and yours. If you’re currently facing a child support modification, give us a call to discuss or request a consultation.