Exclusion Hearings

In any case where you are having a hearing in court, it is recommended that you have a lawyer present with you who has prepped and prepared you for the consequences and outcomes that may be a factor at the end of the hearing.  An exclusion order is when both parties are still living in the same household, but at the end of the hearing, one party will be excluded from the home.  An exclusion order protects the petitioner (the party that is seeking the order) and restricts all contact from the other party.  Although you may be feeling as if you are safe because you are the home owner, or you contribute to all of the bills within the household, or are the only contributor, the courts often do not take this into consideration, and the final decision can not work out in your favor.  At Cammarata & De Meyer law, we will fight for you. We are here to protect you, and make sure that you get what you deserve so do not make the mistake of attending an exclusion hearing alone, be sure to have one of our professionals standing by your side.