Prenuptial & Postnuptiol Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer Staten Island

If you just got married, Congratulations! There’s no doubt that marriage is a thrilling journey, and one you can never know how it might end. When you look at the statistics of how about fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, you might become concerned about your decision. 

In preparation for uncertainty, most couples dabble into securing a postnuptial agreement for financial security. If you need a postnuptial deal, our lawyers are ever ready to guide and counsel you every step of the way.

Before you proceed, take a look at some sane reasons why you should get a postnuptial agreement lawyer in Staten Island.

1. Financial Protection

Protecting your financial life is inarguably the leading reason for a postnuptial agreement. After marriage, either of them might seek additional security over their finances by aiming for a postnuptial agreement. The benefits of such an agreement are evident in the following situations:

  • A spouse wants to bring in a significant asset and wants the asset to remain his or her.
  • A spouse has children from a previous marriage or perhaps has other dependants to provide for
  • A spouse is giving up their career to support the other spouse or raise children.
  • A spouse wants to maintain rights to all earnings or revenue made during the marriage

2. Smooth Divorce

A postnuptial agreement can be divorce a more straightforward process to undertake, thereby reducing time and expenses. According to U.S News, creating these agreements cost less than it takes to acquire an engagement ring. This fact makes a postnuptial agreement a worthwhile investment that you shouldn’t neglect hiring a postnuptial agreement lawyer in Staten Island.

But when couples fail to secure a postnuptial agreement and the inevitable strikes, it could complicate the divorce process a great deal. In such a situation, how assets are divided will be determined by the judge.

3. Protecting a substantial inheritance 

If you inherited a great deal of inheritance from a family member or a gift from a friend, you want to ensure that it remains yours by entering a postnuptial agreement with your spouse. Without a postnuptial agreement, your inheritance could be seen as a marital asset bound to be shared upon divorce.

At Cammarata & De Meyer law, we aim to help you decide how assets can be divided through a postnuptial agreement. Based on our extensive legal experience, we give you the best shot through a well-founded legal counsel that protects your interest in the long run. If you had just got married, now is the ideal time to begin this process. Call 718.208.4920 or fill out the form to get started.