Separation Agreements

Separation Agreement Lawyer Staten Island

A separation agreement occurs when you and your spouse decide to live apart in an attempt to fix a failing marriage. Unlike divorce, neither you nor your spouse is mandated to have a separation agreement drafted nor required to sign one. However, it is strongly advisable to do so. Through a separation agreement, both parties are given the space to settle disputes without involving the court.

But with a separation agreement drafted by our experienced attorneys, you will address issues and responsibilities like:

  • Child custody and support
  • Division of assets
  • Visitation arrangements and schedules
  • Spousal support
  • Division of debt

Though your spouse may agree to the agreement, it is always wise to have them in writing for future reference. If perhaps you and your spouse struggle to agree, that’s enough reason to hire a separation agreement lawyer in Staten Island. By having a professional and experienced party, a productive negotiation process is bound to take place.

A verbal agreement may not cut it

You and your spouse might verbally agree to some things like child custody, assets division, etc. However, things can change pretty quickly, and enforcing a verbal agreement might become a hurdle. But by having a legally signed contract with your spouse, you have a better chance of enforcing your rights.

In some cases, having an agreement created and signed can keep you out of court in the future. Such a contract exists and is enforceable enough for each spouse to live up to their conditions. When you eliminate issues, it gives you and your spouse a chance to move on with life without clinging to the past.

The importance of using a separation agreement lawyer in Staten Island

Irrespective of how much you and your spouse agree on your terms of separation, it is best to have an experienced lawyer draft out the document. Our lawyers will help you with poorly worded sentences and other minor mistakes first-timers are prone to make.

By working with an experienced attorney who has your best interest at heart, you avoid a painful conflict that could cost you money in the future. Finding the ideal lawyer is not always easy, and we’re here to ensure a smooth transition for you and your spouse. 

When it comes to the stage where the marriage has to end legally, your lawyer will also become a representative for the divorce process. If you’re battling through this separation process, your best action now is to call 718.208.4920 or fill out the form to begin.