Staten Island Annulments

There are two ways a marriage can end, either through an annulment or divorce. Seeking an annulment in Staten Island declares your marriage null and void. In other words, annulment proves that your marriage was never valid, to begin with. There are five core reasons which you can use to get an annulment in Staten Island, and they include:

Under legal age of consent

In Staten Island, the marriage of a person under the age of 18 typically needs the consent of both parents. When this isn’t the case, the spouse or parents of the underage party can seek an annulment. If the person in question is under 16 years, there has to be approval from the judge. When these requirements are not met, the marriage can be void if any party seeks an annulment.

Lack of mental capacity for consent

Suppose any of the parties were mentally ill or perhaps, incapacitated at the time of marriage, that is enough ground for the marriage to be annulled. Marriage consent should be between two individuals who have the mental and legal right to consent.

Consent sort through duress, fraud, or force

If any party had entered marriage due to threats, force, or any form of duress, the marriage could be nullified if filed for an annulment. When it comes to fraud, it manifests in diverse ways, including:

  • Marrying to obtain a green card.
  • False pregnancy to entice someone into marriage.
  • Claims of wanting children when you don’t.

Incurable mental illness spanning over five years or more

If your spouse suffers from a mental illness for more than five years, you can obtain an annulment. Instead of being married to someone with an incurable mental illness, it will be in the best interest of the affected party to seek dissolution.

Lack of physical capacity to consummate the marriage

If you or your spouse is incapable of having sexual intercourse, this could lead to many complications in the marriage. Instead of giving room to infidelity, it is often best to seek an annulment.

We are always ready to help nullify your marriage in Staten Island. We ensure you get another shot at life without clinging to lost hope. You don’t need to be stuck, especially when it is within your power to dissolve peacefully. If you’ve found yourself in any of the mentioned dilemmas, call or request a consultation to begin.