Child Support

Staten Island Child Support Lawyer

The law doesn’t require that you hire a Staten Island child support lawyer, but getting one will play in your best interest. That is true, especially if you had a messy divorce that left your ex embittered. With a Staten Island Child Support lawyer, you improve the outcome drastically. 

The functions of a child support attorney cut through various aspects like:

  • Explaining confusing legal terms and helping you understand the case better
  • Guiding you through every step while making sure you know what to expect
  • Calculating the child support payments
  • Representing you in court and protecting your rights and interests
  • Negotiating on your behalf

Why do you need a child support lawyer?

Hiring a child support lawyer might be seen as an unnecessary expense, but it is always worth it in the end. Consider your lousy negotiation skill and your ignorance of your rights. Your lawyer is a professional with years of study and experience. Having an experienced attorney who is familiar with the court is always the best move. 

Here are some reasons why you need a Staten Island child support lawyer.

Complicated case

If you had just swum out of a complicated divorce case, coupled with an intense custody battle, the fact is you might need a child support lawyer.

Your Ex has a lawyer

If your ex has a lawyer, why shouldn’t you? Aside from seeking the best interest of your children, your lawyer will ensure your right is protected too. Through sound legal advice and the negotiating power of your attorney, you will always come out with a pleasant outcome.

Calculating your amount of child support

With the aid of your Staten Island child support lawyer, you discover the exact amount to pay as child support. It is to ensure that you’re paying the right amount to take care of your child properly.

Aid Custody

Your child support lawyer is most likely to be versed with child custody cases. While you’re trying to sort out child support, your lawyer can also help with custody, in addition to child support.

Child support comprises virtually every facet of your children’s well-being till the age of 21. It includes medical care, child care cost, education, and extracurricular cost. 

By working with our experienced Staten Island child support lawyers, you are assured of a smooth process involving no heated battle. Go ahead and give us a call, or request a consultation to get started.